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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Four Continents of Cheese on a Budget (2 pound)

Four Continents of Cheese on a Budget (2 pound) by igourmet.com

"Choosing from over 850 of our cheeses can be a daunting task, even for the most accomplished cheese connoisseur. While we all have our traditional favorites, there is something special about discovering a great new cheese. And, the best way to experience a new cheese is to try it. For those of you looking to expand your cheese repertoire, we have crafted a four cheese sampler from four continents of some little-known gems to serve at your next get-together."
  • Volendam (Europe): If you are a gouda lover, then Volendam is a must have! Inspired by the scenic Dutch fishing village of the same name, Volendam has a butterfat content of 55%, making it especially smooth and creamy. (8 oz.)
  • Hard Grana Provolone (South America): Originally from Lombardia, Italy, this cow's milk cheese was brought by Italian immigrants to Argentina. The cheese is recognized by its particular pear shape. During the aging stage, the cheese is hung (wrap and secure with a rope). This hard Provolone cheese develops a sharp, piquant flavor with age. (8 oz)
  • Great Ocean Road Cheddar (Australia): This sharp white cheddar hails from Australia, where it joins Stokes Point and Mainland Cheddar as a new favorite from down under. A buttery flavor separates this cheese from it's English inspiration. (8 oz.)
  • Atalanta Blue (North America): Atalanta is the Greek goddess of hunt, travel, and adventure. The name Atalanta is thus appropriate for this new blue cheese from Wisconsin. It's a bold , crumbly cow's milk cheese that took several years to perfect. Enjoy it crumbled over salads, stirred into sauces, or on crackers.

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