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Saturday, July 4, 2009

BEX Riesling

The new BEX is one of the few dry German Rieslings we carry. It's interesting to note that Germany used to export much more dry wine. In fact, their wines categorized as Trocken were some of the most bracingly dry & puckering one could find. Ironically, they began making many more sweet wines because of consumer demand. Remember the wine Blue Nun from the 1970's? That was a huge international hit for many years because of its sweetness, but when connoisseurs decided that sweet white wine was poor quality, most people became turned off to sugar. In recent years the pendulum has swung back & forth and now people are much more open-minded about different types of Riesling - from very dry to very sweet. So, try the BEX. It's an excellent example of dry Riesling from the premier region of Mosel-Saar Ruwer.


  1. You would definitely enjoy the wine and cheese in France. Well worth writing about but may need a little research, also despite the bad press there are some great wines from the Languedoc Roussillon region of France which produces about a third of Frances output.

    Incidentally I have started to follow this blog, check mine out to see if you think it is worth following.

    Life in the France Lane

  2. Hey Brian, yes I might even move to France just for the wine and cheese LOL. Thanks for the info. I will be doing what I can to add to this blog over time. It's something I enjoy.

  3. oh and if you happen to stumble across a wine or cheese there you absolutely love please share if you have the chance.